Sustainable Tourism in the Burren

e-whizz is a member of The Burren Ecotourism Network (B.E.N.).  B.E.N. is a network of tourism enterprises with the objective of establishing the Burren as a premier internationally-recognised sustainable tourism region.  This will ensure the future economic and social growth and sustainable development of the Burren’s communities, environment and heritage. B.E.N seeks to support continued training, mentoring and accreditation in sustainable tourism for its members and for businesses interested in joining the Network. View the B.E.N. website here

e-whizz is working with other partner businesses to develop low-impact, high quality tourism packages for visitors who want to take a slower pace and discover the wonderful Burren region in a sustainable way.

To this end, we have developed an Environmental Policy and an Environmental Action Plan, which can be viewed here, and are providing information on sustainable transport into the area.  We are also implementing and communicating the Leave No Trace programme.

Information on sustainable transport can be found here

Information on Leave No Trace can be found here

More information on our guided and self guided e-bike tours here

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