Welcome to the E-Bike Burren Adventure FAQ!

Hey there! If you’re thinking about hopping on an e-bike and exploring the beautiful Burren, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together some common questions (and answers, of course) to make sure you’re all set for your Burren adventure!

1. What exactly is an e-bike?

Picture a regular bike but with a little extra oomph! A pedelec e-bike, or electric bike, has a built-in motor that boosts your pedal power, which makes those uphill climbs feel like a breeze. Our e-bikes have 3-4 levels of pedal assist, so you can choose how much work you want to do.

2. Do I need any special skills to ride an e-bike?

Not at all! If you can ride a regular bike, you can ride an e-bike. It’s as easy as pedaling… with a little boost, of course!

3. How far can I go on one charge?

Great question! Our e-bikes have a range of around 60 miles on a single charge, depending on factors like terrain, rider weight, and how much you use that electric assist.

4. Is it cheating to use an e-bike?

Not at all! Think of it more like having a trusty sidekick cheering you on during your ride. You’re still putting in the effort, but with a little extra help when you need it most.

5. Can I bring my own helmet, or do you provide them?

Safety first! We do provide helmets, but if you have your lucky helmet or one that fits you just right, feel free to bring it along.

6. What should I wear for my e-bike adventure?

Dress comfortably and wear closed-toe shoes for safety. Since weather in the Burren can be unpredictable, it’s a good idea to bring layers and waterproofs, just in case.  We don’t recommend wearing jeans as they can be heavy and restricting on a bike.

7. Are there any age restrictions for riding an e-bike?

To ride one of our e-bikes, you need to be at least 5 feet tall, and for rentals you need to be 16 years old. If you’re under 18, you’ll need a parent or guardian to accompany you and sign the rental agreement for you.  For guided tours there is no age limit, but you still need to be at least 5 feet tall (152cm)

8. Can I bring my furry friend along for the ride?

We love pets, but for safety reasons, we ask that you leave your furry friends at home when you’re out on the e-bikes. It’s for their safety and yours!

9. Can I book a guided tour or just rent an e-bike and explore on my own?

You’ve got options! If you’re up for an adventure, you can rent an e-bike and explore at your own pace. But if you prefer a guided experience with a local expert showing you all the hidden gems of the Burren, we’ve got guided tours too!

10.  What can I expect from one of your guided tours?

Our guided tours are limited to a maximum of 8 guests, so you get a higher level of experience.  The tours cover approximately 22km and take place over 4 hours, so there is plenty to time to see all of the sights properly and to ask as many questions as you like.  Our experienced fully qualified guides are experts on the Burren, its flora, archaeology, geology and folklore, as well as certified first aiders.

11. How do I book my e-bike adventure?

Easy peasy! Just click the book now button on this website or give us a call, and we’ll get you all set up for your electrifying Burren adventure.